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Full Spiritual Healing Takes Time And Effort. Take The First Steps For Growth Through Pain.

Many people are the walking wounded and they do not even realize. What is worse is they share their internal pain with those they love and interact with daily. The key to full healing is to recognize that many who cause pain are coming from a place of pain and the key to spiritual healing lies in forgiveness and living each day from a place of peace. Forgiveness is a journey and it is okay if you can never condone what the person did to you, but if you can find a way to start on the path of forgiving them, it will only help you heal. You deserve to leave the pain behind, you deserve to stop the cycle you have been taught to repeat. It all starts with spiritual healing and forgiveness for yourself and others.

At Captured you will find a healer who is on the journey of awakening and healing herself. The path is cleared by a medium that has been to the depths of sorrow and uses her journey and her experience to aid others who may feel lost, hurt by people's choices, or even hurt by their own choices. No matter what brought you to a place of pain and darkness, a healer can help pull you out and bring you to a path of lightness. Spiritual healing is a personal journey that we must all take alone but that does not mean that each person cannot have help along the way. If you are ready to start on the lifelong path to full healing then contact Mikki at Captured to schedule a personal or group healing session.

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