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Sometimes Self Healing and Self Motivation Are Intertwined.

Do you sometimes feel that the energy to get out of bed, get dressed, make a cup of tea, or even open your eyes does not exist? This feeling likely stems from the spiritual more than the physical. This does not mean that it is any less real or powerful. Think about it. When you feel tired in the body but happy and full of vitality you can make your body push another lap or stay up to visit friends. But when you feel tired in the spirit, well that is so much harder to push past. It is like pushing a lawnmower to push a boulder. If you have been lacking self motivation, perhaps some self healing and searching for the root cause of your lack of power can rejuvenate you from the inside out.

Mikki at Captured knows all about the journey of self healing and she helps people in her life every day when the world seems to weigh down too heavily. It happens to the best of people, the first place to start is to throw all the judgment on yourself out the window. Literally. Open a window or the front door and toss any self deprecation out. Feeling unmotivated and tired is occasionally part of the human condition and if you beat yourself up over it you are only holding yourself back further. After the judgment is gone, call a friend or schedule a consultation with Mikki. You will find yourself in an understanding zone where you may learn things you never knew and open up a part of your mind that will help you further release the bad and increase the good energy within you.

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