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July 22nd Crystal Drop

Blue Apatite

Dark blue stones are most commonly associated with the mind. Such stones stimulate the mind and push the brain to achieve things that may seem impossible otherwise – blue apatite makes no exception either. Many of its metaphysical properties are related to your capability to see and understand things that may not always make sense to others.

Blue apatite has beautiful dark indigo shades – you can also find it in super light baby blue styles. However, it is most commonly found in dark designs, so many of the natural stones available in commerce are dark and vibrant. The stone will boost the formation of psychic capabilities, but it will also help you tune in on the ultimate frequencies to access your spiritual self – and the world around you.

Those interested in finding a religious purpose or those who feel confused about their spiritual enlightenment can always benefit from blue apatite. Simply put, implement the stone into your lifestyle – carry it around and your vision will open up. You can see things with a clear mind and make more informed decisions.

To understand a bit more about the purpose and features of blue apatite, you would have to go back in time. The stone was initially named and classified by Greeks. The word its name comes from refers to deceptiveness and illusions. You may believe the stone is actually evil and tries to deceive you – nothing to worry about. Rather, it will help you achieve an energetic development and see what is true around you.

Cherry Lace Agate

Flower agate is a crystal that will ignite power, passion, and the purpose within you to create a drive that allows you to work towards your dreams or goals and live your life to the fullest. With this crystal, you will be able to learn from your past experiences, discover the power that current situations contain, and gain a newfound purpose for days to come. It is the stone you need to promote motivation, be ambitious, and become courageous.

Many of us feel as if life is throwing darkness toward us at times. This can be through the negative energies that hold our past experiences and failures that linger within our hearts and minds. This darkness makes many of us not move forward and make the changes we desperately seek. However, flower agate can help with that.

The stone is said to contain energy within it that gets rid of darkness and allows you to live in the light. It is a corrective stone for correcting and balancing energy. As the crystal battles with dark energies, you find yourself gaining an enhanced sense of synchronicity to move forward.


Septarian has been known to cause a spiritual awakening for many people who hold it. It’s spiritually uplifting and naturally instills a sense of joy. The confidence it brings puts a spring in your step and lets you enjoy all of the things you missed while wallowing in dark energy.

But more importantly, Septarian is a facilitator of change.

Septarian’s most influential benefits govern the heart, mind, and soul. However, crystal healers say that it’s healing properties can positively impact your physical health as well.

Many say that it has a profound effect on muscle aches. When used during a crystal healing session, it’s said to soothe muscle spasms and alleviate bruises quickly.

Some say that the stone also helps with overall fatigue and weakness. Those who suffer from anemia may feel more invigorated and strong. Meanwhile, individuals who suffer from joint paint might experience fewer debilitating aches.

The stone is also thought to encourage better sleep. It absorbs dark energy throughout the day, leaving very little to create bad dreams or night terrors. Instead, it’s said to promote relaxation so that you can experience restful sleep that lasts throughout the night.


Protection, Discernment, Grounding

Sphalerite helps us to distinguish truth from fantasy. In this way, Sphalerite is a stone that protects us by helping us to protect ourselves. Its grounding properties keep us from being seduced by lofty promises and from deceiving ourselves; it helps us to avoid getting caught up in what is unrealistic or even impossible. When we are present and with a clear mind, we can see what is truly most valuable in our lives, and work to secure and protect these gifts.

Energy, Balance

As an energizing stone, Sphalerite is strongly connected to the energies of the earth and can help balance mental or spiritual overstimulation. Physically energizing stones can help balance an overactive mind and help us overcome intrusive or defeating thoughts. Sphalerite can be a reminder that when our mind is restless, getting up and moving will have a calming effect. This can be a good stone for those who are just bringing their yoga practice or fitness routine.

Creativity, Confidence

Sphalerite is a stone of earth and fire energy; it can be an excellent stone for stimulating passion, growing confidence and sparking creativity. This is especially effective when paired with a Carnelian, or any fiery crystal. Romantically, Thulite or Zoisite is a nice compliment.

  • Chakra: The three lower chakras, primarily the root chakra.

  • Element: Earth and fire

  • Zodiac: Gemini


Black obsidian has numerous metaphysical properties that could be very beneficial for its owner. It has an intensely powerful energy that can draw you in quite effectively, and it does this in a gentle manner that you won’t even feel that you are sinking deeper into its aura than you actually thought. The stone is commonly used for protection, truth-telling, healing, and of course, feng shui.

Aside from its amazing healing properties, black obsidian is commonly known as the “stone of truth” because of its ability to reveal mysteries. These mysteries are what we hold within our inner beings, and at the same time, the stone works on the world’s mysteries altogether. Also, aside from being a physical property, the black obsidian’s sharpness can also be counted as a metaphysical property. It is said that the stone has an overwhelming power to cut through lies, illusions, deception, and other negative aspects that may ruin your life. The stone’s black color perfectly portrays its power to reveal the darkness within and all around us, which is why this stone is supposed to be handled with care.

This dark stone, thanks to its powerful properties, can also protect you from a lot of negative elements that are going all around you. It has the ability to absorb all the bad energy that might enter your system, which is why some people wear this stone as a part of their everyday clothing. Aside from that, some even place black obsidian around their home for extra design elements. By doing this, they ensure the protection and nurturing of the people around their house without even exerting that much effort.

Unicorn Stone

Unicorn statues is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encourages unconditional love, purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.


Being Hopeful

Life is filled with ups and downs, but instead of letting the challenges bring you down, work with the Amazonite crystal meaning to keep your hope alive. Hope lives in the heart, which is why the Amazonite crystal is such a powerful stone to boost your sense of hopefulness. By clearing and aligning your heart chakra with its empowering and inspiring energy, Amazonite guides you to embrace a glass-half-full perspective on life. Even in the darkest of moments, this stone reminds you that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and good things await.

The Amazonite crystal healing properties are the perfect antidote to a pessimist outlook. They retrain you to look for the light and expect positive outcomes. Instead of feeling discouraged or lost, this stone reminds you that there are brighter days ahead, and pushes you to keep going. Like a cheerleader for your life’s endeavors, the Amazonite crystal stone meaning can support you and help you achieve your goals.

Going With The Flow

As the saying goes, even the best laid plans often go awry. When life has different plans for you, it can be hard to see the bigger plan and the changes may leave you feeling lost or frustrated. To help you stay flexible throughout all the twists and turns of life, connect with the Amazonite crystal meaning. This stone holds the fluid energy of water, and reminds you that life’s current will always take you where you need and are meant to go. The Amazonite crystal stone guides you to trust in the greater universe and let life flow. By loosening your grip and letting go of control, you may just find yourself in the right place at the right time.

If you are fixed in your ways or looking for help busting out of your routine, bring Amazonite into your healing crystal collection and let it open your heart and your eyes to new possibilities.

Ocean Jasper


One of the most powerful intentions you can set for working with the Ocean Jasper uses is the intention of caring for yourself. The soft, loving energy of this stone encourages you to treat yourself with a similar level of kindness and love. By opening your heart to showing yourself appreciation, the Ocean Jasper crystal meaning teaches you to make yourself a priority each and every day.

Rather than shying away from self-care, the Ocean Jasper properties teach you to embrace self-care. It isn’t selfish: it’s necessary! You have to care for yourself before you can care for anyone else. Working with Ocean Jasper crystal healing properties help you to make sure your needs are met so you can feel your best and live your best life.

Ocean Jasper is an especially powerful crystal for those who tend to give but not receive. If you are more comfortable providing for others than allowing yourself to receive love and affection from others (or even from yourself), this is the healing crystal for you.


The Ocean Jasper crystal meaning supports you on your journey to live a joyful and happy life. Although we all experience ups and downs, the Ocean Jasper meaning teaches you to ride the wave and go with the flow. By releasing stress and tension, the water-like quality of this crystal helps you to live a happier life.


Green fluorite can help you attain balance, order, and stability during chaotic times. You can use this stone to usher yourself into the best versions of yourself and the world around you. It can help you smooth out anxiety, apparent mental confusion and get rid of other environmental stress forces.

Green fluorite aligns with the heart chakra, and because of that, it helps keep it open and balanced. Due to this association, users are able to find their true selves and discover their innermost beings. Therefore, they can speak their truths transparently and confidently, with their actions and speech aligned with their most authentic and profound versions.

The crystal also offers imperative support for all heart matters like grief and heartbreaks. As it unclogs a blocked heart chakra, it can absorb damaging trauma and injury because the heart chakra is the seat of our deepest desires. Because the heart chakra is also the keeper of the ideas we resist, users get to attain mental clarity and fresh focus to overcome challenges with complete openness when the chakra is opened.

Rose Quartz


The Rose Quartz properties are well suited for both attracting a new relationship and strengthening an existing partnership.

To help you attract new love, the frequencies of the Rose Quartz meaning help support you on your healing journey so you can bring your heart center back to its highest frequency. As part of the healing process, the Rose Quartz crystal meaning opens the heart and allows you to restore trust, an essential process for moving forward. If you have been holding onto negativity from the past, Rose Quartz can help you replace those dark feelings with pure thoughts of unequivocal love. Rose Quartz healing properties can help you understand and accept past situations, which will allow your heart to heal from emotional wounds and transform into a renewed state of trust.

Once you’ve healed, connect with the Rose Quartz meaning and uses, making it part of a crystal program to crack open your heart to allow new love in. It aligns you with the energy of love so you can both give and receive. With an open heart, you can begin to accept and embrace the feeling of being loved and cared for, and you can begin to allow a person to enter into your life and show you that kind of love.

The properties of the Rose Quartz meaning can also heal, mend, and open your heart to deepen your connection with your partner. By opening and activating the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz crystal meaning can help you recognize your capacity for compassion. The emotional healing of Rose Quartz stone comes from allowing you to let go of toxic energies and emotions that have become trapped inside of you. The Rose Quartz healing properties harness the energy of unconditional love to bring your consciousness to a higher level. Its high frequencies will help you approach all situations from a more loving and kind perspective, which facilitates and supports the strengthening of your bond with your partner.

A stone of unconditional love, the Rose Quartz crystal meaning helps enhance our potential for kindness, compassion, and understanding. At the core, we are capable of giving and receiving love, and Rose Quartz deepens your connection to that part of yourself. When circumstances or other factors knock you off balance, the energy of the Rose quartz meaning can bring you back into your heart, the core of your being. And when you connect with that space of love and light, anything can happen.


While its ability to enhance love in relationships is one of the most well-known uses for Rose Quartz, the Rose Quartz meaning also holds a powerful space for a self-love practice. Because this stone embodies love, tenderness, compassion and kindness, connecting with it allows you to embrace those qualities in your relationship with yourself, as well as your relationships with others. By facilitating a loving relationship to self, the Rose Quartz stone meaning is an essential part of any self-love journey. It teaches you to love yourself first and foremost.

Pink Opal

The pink opal is a stone without equals. It is known as the “stone of spiritual awakening” and its varieties of colors range from pale pink to lavender, through cream tones with lots of white veins. It owes its coloration to the presence of manganese in its composition and does not present iridescence particles on the surface. It is considered a stone of relaxation and internal renewal that also favors the affairs of the heart.

In addition to its clear ornamental value, this stone is appreciated for its energy properties that make it an ally for those seeking calm, guidance and spiritual peace. The so-called “spiritual awakening stone” also can bring with it the creative energy of the universe.

The pink opal gem has protective energy that allows the removal of negative energies, deflecting harmful vibrations and purifying our surroundings. It also protects during sleeping hours and allows its wearer to sleep peacefully.

It promotes the connection between the consciousness of being and the internal knowledge of the individual. Stimulates thoughts of love and peace, as well as conflict management and nonviolence. It promotes mental and spiritual self-healing to help the individual get rid of past traumas and pain not overcome.

This stone has the power of relaxation, tradition tells us that it can eliminate any tension in communications and allow ideas to flow generously. It is an excellent stone to calm the mind and is considered useful for a good night’s rest.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry quartz is known to carry a vibrational vigor of love. Thus, it can aid you in loving yourself, which is believed to be quite complicated. The stone is likely to instill a sense of your own value and reveals how much the powers of the universe love you. Once you begin to believe in yourself genuinely, other people will just follow it.

You can use this stone to know your path in life and get the replies you are seeking for finding your ecstasy. The stone can easily trigger a sense of tranquility when you are under stress. Its calming, fostering vibration truly works here.

The presence of hematite inclusions indicates that strawberry quartz is also a grounding stone. Consider trying this stone to restore yourself to your true place if you have the feeling of being disconnected from the world due to anxieties and worries.

With this crystal, you can easily develop strong bonds and friendships. As a crystal of spiritual support, this stone can awaken our spiritual senses.


Lepidolite brings in a positive attitude, calmness and relaxation. It disperses negative feelings and stress. It will also help you rearrange the patterns of your energies to ensure more positivity – widely needed in any situation out there. Having this crystal on you – whether as a decorative item in your office or a piece of jewelry – will keep the stress under control, especially under disruptive situations that imply a series of changes.

From a physical point of view, lepidolite has soothing energy and will give you a deep state of relaxation. For example, people suffering from PTSD can seriously benefit from having this crystal around them. The crystal is not suitable for adults only, as children can also benefit from it. For example, youngsters suffering from ADHD or hyperactivity will feel better and experience fewer symptoms – a necklace, for instance, will help with sleep-related issues too.

On another note, lepidolite can bring in some harmony and restore your balance. There are times in life when you feel like flying from one emotion to another.

A piece of lepidolite around you will stabilize these emotions and help you understand them. This crystal will be like an anchor. No matter what these feelings are about, they will keep you strong and stable. It can be purple, but it may also be found in blueish nuances that evoke the sky and sea.

Phantom/Garden Quartz

Garden quartz is a clear quartz that contains a variety of other minerals (or what is known as lodolite inclusions), including chloride, feldspar, hematite and many other minerals of various colors and intensities.

Some of these colors include maroon, orange, brown, green, red, beige, and several others as well.

Garden quartz is said to symbolize a forest, which has great regeneration energy and it is said to dissolve negative energy from the past and reconstruct it positively.


Like an espresso for the soul, the Mookaite crystal is an excellent all-over energizer that cleanses and activates the root chakra, sacral chakra, and solar plexus chakra. Need a spiritual pick-me-up? The Mookaite crystal stone encourages you to take control of your destiny and shoot for the stars. Its medicine reminds us that we're the CEO of our own lives and it's time to start making executive decisions.

And this where the Mookaite crystal comes in for its celestial power play. Its healing properties are known to help sharpen your intuition, which is the language of your soul, a wise inner voice that has the ability to just know. The Mookaite crystal reawakens your inner spirit, the sensible part of yourself that always knows the way towards the light, especially when you're guided by love. The powerful grounding energy of the Mookaite crystal guides us towards making choices that reflect our hopes, not our fears. And remember--big decisions are the catalyst for action and your chance to channel the playful spontaneity of "carpe diem."

Clear Quartz

  • The crystal is mainly for spiritual growth as it will entice you to look deeply at matters. Clear Quartz is said to help one in communicating with the divine energy and also harmonizing the spirit.

  • Clear Quartz is considered a stone great for physical connection, awakening one’s mind, boosting personal growth, and increasing awareness.

  • The crystal cleanses the mind from emotions and thoughts that may cause harm and also aids in improving how one perceives the outside world.

  • If you are finding it difficult to know what you want in life due to the many different ideas and thoughts that keep arising, Clear Quartz can help. The stone will help you get rid of mental clutter and help you reach your higher state of being.

  • With complete awareness and understanding, you will be able to make decisions aligned to the goals you wish to achieve. The crystal will usually act as a constant reminder for you to deeply evaluate your choices and behavior to stay consistent with what you want to achieve.

  • Many believe that this stone helps them feel stronger and more focused.

  • It offers clarity, memory retention and enhances one’s concentration.

  • As it gives clarity and manifestation, it creates a unique vision for your life. Clear Quartz will keep you away from outside noise and any internal distraction and help you see your ideal life for you to work towards making it come true or a reality.

  • Clear Quartz promotes feelings of happiness and joy and by releasing one’s anxiety and promoting relaxation. It improves perseverance and enhances patience for those looking to complete any daunting projects.

  • For those who have difficulty sleeping, the stone is believed to stimulate healthy sleeping patterns and helps one understand the messages conveyed from the higher self when dreaming.

  • It connects with all the chakras by clearing out blockages, aura cleaning and allows for energy flow. Primarily, it stimulates the crown Chakra. The crown chakra is associated with the connection to a higher being and leaping into the possibilities that are offered by the universe.

  • The balance offers the crown, and the third eye chakra helps nourish the ability to effectively handle setbacks positively and see them as vital elements for personal growth.

  • Clear Quartz is the ideal stone for the manifestation of the Quartz family. This is because the stone allows one to charge their intentions significantly. It raises your vibrations, helping you stay clear on the creations you intend to make. Setting the stone up for manifestation of new possibilities allows you to hold your intentions and send them out to the universe.

  • It is a companion for those that wish to gain some form of protection as it keeps harmful vibrations and negative energies away.

  • For those who wish to set future intentions, Clear Quartz will amplify their energies and also accelerate the will and actual fulfillment of their dreams.


Finding Inner Peace

The Amethyst crystal properties help to relax your mind, body, and spirit. This calming effect can guide you to return to a state of equilibrium, even if there are external factors disrupting your peace. The Amethyst crystal stone meaning purifies your energy field of unwanted energy so you can connect to your inner peace and leave the rest behind.

Specifically, the Amethyst crystal healing properties are connected to your headspace, and work to sooth your mind of any worries, stress, or tension. This stone helps to remove any mental distractions or clutter so you can clear your head and find some room to breath. From a clear and calm state of being, you will be better able to find peace of mind and settle down from a chaotic or frenzied state.

Not just for immediate relief from high-stress situations, the Amethyst crystal meaning is also ideal for daily energetic maintenance. By working with this stone on a consistent and daily basis, you can begin to build up a stronger sense of self-awareness to acknowledge when you’ve lost touch with your sense of peace, and you’ll be able to re-connect to that state more easily and more quickly every time. Eventually, you may find yourself in noisy, busy, hectic situations but your inner environment is filled with pure peace.

Tapping Into Your Intuition

Another powerful way to work with your Amethyst crystal stone is to strengthen your intuition. As a stone of spirituality, Amethyst helps to deepen your connection to self. Through this heightened awareness and connection, you can begin to tap into your intuition. Your intuition is like a voice in your head, subconsciously guiding you. For some, it could be very subtle, while it could be very profound and obvious for others. Sometimes we choose to ignore it, but when you listen to your intuition you will always be guided by your highest self. The more you work with your Amethyst crystal, the more you’ll be able to connect to that sense of intuition.

Carnelian - Flower Agate

Tapping Into Your Creativity

Whether you realize it or not, everyone is born with the ability to be creative. Some of us are more in tune with this side of ourselves than others are, but we all have some creative energy within us. Carnelian crystal helps you tap into this part of yourself by unleashing your true potential. The Carnelian crystal meaning reminds you of the joy, excitement, and rush that comes along with a creative adventure, so you can tap back into that feeling any time you want.

Overthinking and overanalyzing can prevent you from creating freely. When you are caught up in your thoughts, the Carnelian crystal meaning takes you out of your head and connects you with your heart center, where your passion resides. Through tapping into your heart and letting go of the limits your mind places on you, you can truly let your imagination run wild and create freely from a place of love and happiness. Whether you are trying to bring creativity to your job, your relationship, or another passion project, the Carnelian crystal healing properties are the perfect tool to support your intention.

Boosting Your Confidence

Although it’s mainly thought of as a creative stone, the Carnelian crystal stone meaning also supports other intentions, especially ones related to confidence. From a job interview to a performance or presentation and even your overall demeanor, the Carnelian crystal meaning is one of the most powerful tools to help you gain confidence and boost your self-esteem. The crystal empowers you to be bold, brave, and secure in who you are and everything you do. Little by little, through emboldening your spirit, the Carnelian crystal stone teaches you that you are worthy of the world, and reminds you not to settle for anything less.

Blue Sandstone

Blue Goldstone is one of the most curious stones in terms of healing. The fact that it is artificial may make you doubt a little about this but there is no reason to do so. In fact, this is what gives it much of its healing properties. For example, there are those who have migraines and when using this gem in some accessory they feel how little by little they calm down.

In fact, this gem can even improve your eyesight so you can see all the things around you better. Both physically and mentally. Blue Goldstone can reduce stomach tension so that your body feels better and you can eat all those delicious things that you like so much.

Use Blue Goldstone to fight bulimia and anorexia. The fact that this stone has the property of helping you accept yourself as you are, causes eating disorders to be left behind. This gem can also cure tonsillitis and angina.

It is good to be used with pain, anywhere in the body, and inflammation of any area. There are people who claim that thanks to Blue Goldstone they managed to have better health and it is somewhat credible since they are real testimonies. The stone helped them to have a better body and a better mental state.


With its combination of blues and greens, the Chrysocolla crystal meaning represents a combination of energies related to love, growth, and communication. By surrounding you with soothing energy, the Chrysocolla crystal stone meaning invites you to explore your heart’s desires — whether that means connecting with others, speaking your truth, or embarking on a new journey in life.


The soothing Chrysocolla crystal meaning guides you toward a state of calm confidence in all situations, making this the ideal crystal to connect with when change is on the horizon. If you’ve been resisting a long-overdue change, or have been hesitant to initiate a desired shift, a Chrysocolla crystal can be the nudge you need to both accept and welcome change.

Chrysocolla works by removing negativity from your energy field. Without fear, doubt, or lack of motivation standing in your way, you are free to pursue powerful transformations in all areas of your life — from relationships to career and beyond. Once the energetic and emotional limitations and barriers have been removed, the Chrysocolla crystal meaning adds an infusion of fresh, positive energy to propel you forward.

The Chrysocolla crystal healing properties are perfect for those looking to make a change, but apprehensive about what that change might look like. The water-like qualities of this stone inspire you to go where the current of life takes you. Life is constantly changing, and so must you. Rather than resisting, use the Chrysocolla crystal meaning to lean into the ebbs and flows.


In addition to supporting change, the Chrysocolla crystal properties also connect with the heart and throat chakras, the energy centers related to matters of communication and love, to facilitate heartfelt communication. If you often find yourself overanalyzing or getting in your head, Chrysocolla crystal can help you get out of your head and tap into your heart.

The Chrysocolla teaches you vulnerability and authenticity, especially when communicating with others. If you are having trouble expressing yourself, call upon the Chrysocolla crystal meaning to help you find the words to say what is in your heart. This is an especially powerful practice if your head is telling you something different than your heart.


The Labradorite crystal healing properties are linked with the crown chakra, the energy center that governs spiritual expansion and higher levels of the mind and spirit. If you're looking to expand your mind and increase your spiritual growth, the Labradorite crystal meaning can connect you to higher realms of consciousness. Bringing Labradorite into your life reminds you that every single day holds new magic to be discovered, you just have to look for it.

Part of the power of the Labradorite crystal stone meaning comes from its labradorescence, the iridescent flashes of light within the stone. Although at some angles this stone can look quite grey and dreary, when you catch the spectacular flash your whole perspective shifts and you can finally see the light within the darkness. The stone helps you adopt a similar perspective on life. Although there are darker times and it may be difficult to find the light, it reminds you that the light is always there, even if it’s hidden. Once you find it, the possibilities are endless.

When you find yourself in the darkness, connecting with the uplifting and inspiring energy of the Labradorite crystal meaning can help you tap back into the light. This makes Labradorite a powerful crystal for intention-setting and manifesting because it unleashes your full potential. The otherworldly nature of this stone also makes it a great crystal for sleep, especially when it comes to dreams.

Tapping Into Your Limitless Potential

Just by looking at a Labradorite crystal stone you can get a feel for its powerful energy. At first, you may not see much. But as soon as you catch a glimpse of its labradorescence, you’ll be reminded of the magic of the universe – and the magic within you. The Labradorite crystal meaning encourages you to go after your dreams, and helps you get out of your own way so you can make your dreams come true. It clears away any dark or murky energy within your mind, body and spirit so you can let your inner light shine and unleash your true potential.

When it comes to setting and manifesting intentions, Labradorite is one of the most powerful stones you could choose to work with because it puts you in touch with your inner power and strength. Once you tap into your limitless potential, there is no limit to what you can manifest.

Sleeping Soundly

Although not as commonly thought of as one of the best crystals for sleep, Labradorite crystal helps you to fall into a deep sleep and tap into the limitless potential of your dream state. For sleep to be truly rejuvenating, you need to sleep soundly and without interruption. By guiding you to dream freely, the Labradorite crystal meaning facilitates peaceful, restful and deep sleep.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron-amethyst, meaning is chevon amethyst’s energy. It will help you tap into chevron-amethysts’ mental and creative powers to be a more imaginative thinker in all areas of your life: learning, work, creativity, self-expression, etc. Chevron-amethyst can also boost concentration when studying or doing other tasks requiring focus.

Green Aventurine

Green aventurine will bring good luck, chance and success to your life and challenges, no matter what you are trying to do. But this is not everything.

The crystal is also handy at harmonizing the environment around you and comforting you when in need. It will help you attract passion, love and serious relationships, but it will also protect your heart. It is the luckiest stone in the world, so it should be your primary choice if you want success. It will work from an emotional point of view too. Got any unresolved internal issues? The crystal will give you the clarity you need to overcome them.

If you already have a few stones or crystals in your collection, green aventurine will work wonders with the heart chakra. If you have any water elements, bring them in. The mix will become extremely powerful. Given the lucky profile of this stone, it is often used with green candles. It is also kept around wallets or in cash boxes, only to attract even more money.

When it comes to your emotions, dig deep down inside yourself and you can always find a few unresolved problems. It happens to everyone. If they still affect you today, you probably have to tackle them. This is when the crystal kicks in. Bring it into your environment – your office, your car and every room of your house. The stone of personal growth provides opportunities and helps you rediscover yourself.

From a physical point of view, the energy of green aventurine will promote healthy lungs and will keep your liver and heart in good condition. If you have problems with sinuses whenever it goes cold, keeping the stone nearby will ameliorate the symptoms. Get ready of your negative mindset and issues with it and this includes medical affections too.

Tigers Eye


As admirable and aspirational as being fearless is, it’s also somewhat unrealistic. Many of us, at different times in our lives and under different circumstances, experience feelings of fear, uncertainty, hesitation, insecurity and other emotions that can make us question and waver. In the face of a challenge, the Tiger's Eye meaning helps to transform those toxic feelings into courage and self-confidence. It helps you shift your perspective so you can see the way forward, even in times of fear. If you start doubting yourself, draw on the powerful and stabilizing energy of the Tiger's Eye crystal meaning by programming it with an intention of bravery and perseverance.

When you harness the positive energy of Tiger's Eye healing properties, you will feel centered and grounded, giving you the confidence and courage to go after your dreams. Let nothing stop you, not even your fear. That is the message of the Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning. Even when you encounter fear, the Tiger’s Eye properties will help you feel empowered and emboldened to move past it. Rather than acting out of fear, the Tiger’s Eye meaning builds up your sense of courage to overcome fear and act out of strength and power.

The Tiger’s Eye stone meaning is highly motivational, and pushes you to move past any boundaries you have set for yourself. It challenges you to explore the unknown in life, even if it gets uncomfortable. When you start to feel afraid or unsure, the Tiger’s Eye meaning and uses will remind you of your inner strength and capability. This boost of self-confidence allows you to persevere, even when it might be easier or safer to give up. Filled with determination, the Tiger’s Eye stone helps you remember that you can be successful in all that you set your mind to.

Whether it’s your own inner beliefs or an external influence that’s holding you back, the Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning teaches you to look your limiting beliefs in the eye. By addressing these obstacles head-on, you can deconstruct whatever is causing you to hesitate. The steady, unwavering energy of the Tiger’s Eye stone meaning helps you to acknowledge that these feelings exist, but not let them rule your life.

Sometimes known as a shape-shifter, Tiger’s Eye properties help transform your perspective. Rather than looking at a situation as scary or intimidating, the Tiger’s Eye crystal meaning teaches you to see every challenge as a chance to step into your power and demonstrate your bravery. Whether you are having a difficult conversation, making a big change in your life or going against the grain, Tiger’s Eye meaning can support you in taking risks across all areas of your life.

Courage is a learned behavior, one that takes time and can be difficult to practice. But with your Tiger’s Eye stone by your side, you can do the uncomfortable and conquer your fears.


The courage-boosting, motivational energy that makes Tiger’s Eye so useful for overcoming fear also makes it a powerful tool for overcoming money blocks, making it one of our favorite crystals for wealth. The Tiger’s Eye meaning keeps you focused and determined, even when obstacles arise. By challenging you to go after your financial goals, Tiger’s Eye supports you on your journey to attract wealth and success.

Setting wealth-related goals, and going after them, can be intimidating. If you find yourself unsure, nervous or afraid to take the next steps in your financial life, lean on the encouraging energy of the Tiger’s Eye healing properties.


Attracting Abundance with the Pyrite Meaning The power of a healing grid works to reset the brain with new thinking. Old thought patterns produce the same results so get on board with the Pyrite healing properties along with other good luck stones like Citrine, Jade, and a Clear Quartz point to amplify your intention for manifesting wealth and prosperity.

During your wealth-attracting pep rally, sit quietly with the stones for 20 minutes and contemplate your intention. In order to bring prosperity into your life with the Pyrite meaning, you must really want it. Send this message to your stones and the universe by visualizing a clear image of what you want to manifest in your life. Make it as real and detailed as you can, whether it's a bag of money, a Louis Vuitton handbag, or simply feeling the sand beneath your toes on the shores of an island paradise. Let the powerful energy of your Pyrite stone meaning carry away self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about yourself with exhale. When you breathe in deeply, say an affirmation out loud using words like abundance and gratitude and create a daily mantra that rings true to your heart’s desire.

As you go deeper into meditation, the Pyrite healing properties help you focus with confidence, which leads to the profound belief that the things you desire will become a reality. The Pyrite stone also encourages an attitude of gratitude, because remember – it's not happy people who are thankful but thankful people who are happy. Choose to be grateful and open the door to the power and wisdom of the universe.

Pyrite Properties Like a trusted bodyguard, the properties of the Pyrite meaning help protect your environment from negative energy, leaving your space free of bad vibes. In fact, it's one of the best Feng Shui crystals for encouraging money and abundance. A member of the metal element, the Pyrite stone is often featured in small cubes or clusters, giving your decor a dash of sparkle while bringing an energizing and optimistic energy to your space, one of the best cures for a lack of discipline.

The Pyrite meaning is a reminder that abundance is not something to be acquired but something you can manifest into your life. Connect with Pyrite properties and tune into a higher vibration, the simple formula for happiness and success. Energy clearing methods to enhance the Pyrite meaning

Before programming the energy of the Pyrite meaning with your intention for wealth and abundance, make sure to clear and charge its frequencies. When you use effective energy clearing methods before working with the Pyrite crystal meaning, its properties will be open and receptive to working for you as you move forward with your goals.

Sun and full moon spa An effective way to recharge the energy of the Pyrite properties is to return it to nature. Harness the powerful and restorative energy of the full sun, the life-giving element straight from mother nature. The powerfully cleansing rays of the sun burn away any old programming or stuck energy, returning the properties of the Pyrite crystal meaning to a brighter and more vibrant form.

You can also charge and clear your Pyrite with the revitalizing energy of the full moon, which represents the lunar cycle and its steady, healing vibrations. For these cleansing techniques, leave your Pyrite stone outside in a sunny spot or under the light of a full moon for at least 4 hours or more.

Selenite Selenite is another wonderful tool if you don't have time for a cleansing practice before programming the frequencies of the Pyrite meaning, or you want to add another level of energy clearing. With the purest form of white light in all the mineral kingdom, Selenite has the highest level of purifying power. It's the only stone that doesn't need to be charged and cleared, making a Selenite charging plate an easy and effective way to cleanse the Pyrite healing properties. With the intention of cleansing and purifying, place your stone on the Selenite for at least 4 hours or longer.

Sound When working with the Pyrite meaning and uses for manifesting prosperity, the best place to keep your crystal is high energy areas such as a studio or office. Use the healing power of sound to enhance the frequencies of the Pyrite meaning. Download the sounds of the ohm mantra or Tibetan singing bowls and allow their cleansing vibrations to infuse the Pyrite crystal stone meaning with new, vibrant energy.

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