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Visit A Healer In The New Year To Bring In 2021 With The Highest Vibrations Possible.

If you are evolving to a higher vibration you will discover positive changes in your life, but more than that you can be part of the collective that brings the whole earth into a higher, better, more peaceful plan. We are all the universe within and the power each individual carries is profound. Start with you and worry less about others, the light you radiate will do more work for your cause than strong words that can be misinterpreted.

Mikki at Captured hosts a regular collective healing session that is described as rejuvenating for the mind, hopeful, and relaxing. Do not worry if this type of thing is new to you. If you have been drawn in, then it may be your inner self reaching out telling you that this is what you need to move on and to improve yourself. It is normal to feel shame along with pain, even if you have no blame for the forming of your physical or spiritual wound. The first thing to do is let go of that feeling of blame on yourself and even others and move on to grow through and then past the pain. Remember every experience in your life builds your beautiful authentic spirit. Even bad things can paint beauty when a person truly heals. Contact Mikki at Captured to learn more. And remember that during a collective healing session you will find people who are there for the same reason, people who support and don't judge as we all walk this journey to completeness.

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